Friday, July 30, 2010

SEC Media days

And before you ask, NO I DID NOT GO!:) To me, its not worth waiting hours in line for MAYBE getting some one's autograph! If I were to see them somewhere, sure I'll ask, buuuuuut I'm not a patient person, soooooo its not worth it for. Others may, but I WILL NOT.:) Moving on!

Well, first of all, I thought Saban, Greg, and Mark all did great. I know many people were offended by Saban's comments, but really, IMHO, he was "absolutely" right. I'll get more on agents later when I refer to Dooley(such a fun name(I know you Bams adore him!!;))

Mark Ingram is a class act. Everyone loves him. I think its impossible for anyone not to like him.

Greg did great. Always fun watching him. Got plenty of "absolutely"'s too(YESS!).

Soooo, Day 1 went great for Alabama, *exceptCoachSabanwhomadeeveryonesomad!*

Coach Meyer agreed with Saban. Only he used the more gentle term, "predators".

Les Miles is "absolutely" hilarious! What on earth was he ranting about?!:)

Media days just aren't the same without Tebow are they? *weeps*

Coach Nutt=45 minutes of boringness. *YAWWWWWWWN* The same could be said about about Spurrier. And Mullen for that matter.:/

Dooley did fine I guess. I was just expecting more after all the fuss. Too high expectations I guess, but he really did bore me.:) Plus, his comments about agents were......just.....ignorant. Doesn't make much sense to me. Shouldn't agents be punished like the Coaches?! Correct me if I'm wrong.:/ On a side note, Nick Reveiz is a class act.

Okay, that pretty much sums it up! Thoughts?

(cuz you know I "absolutely" wants to hear them!:P)


EchoOfMercy said...

LOL! So someone else has noticed that Greg uses 'absolutely' a few times in his interviews.;) Love hearing him talk except that most of the time I have NO idea what he his talking about.:)

Ingram is awesome, felt so sorry for him, he looked so nervous up there.:)

Though I'm not a Bam, I did agree with Saban rather than Dooley on agents. To me it makes sense that they should be punished I really don't understand why they aren't.:/

I haven't watched Les Miles' interview yet, but I've heard that no one had ANY clue what he was talking about. LOL!

Nick Reveiz is awesome.:) I went on the 3rd day and got his autograph. Yes, I am one of those pathetic people who is willing to wait for a POSSIBLE autograph.;) Not sure if I'll do it again though.:)

O my goodness!!! Only 28 days until football season!!! But you're right it won't be the same without Tebow *joins in with your weeping*.

Don't suppose you will be at fan day tomorrow? Not sure if we're going either but we might.:)

Melinda said...

Hey Sapphire!

Wish I could have gone 2 Media days. I would wait ALLLLLLLLLLLLL day long if it was for the right people.:) LOVE autographs. Super excited about football season, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!:):):)

Greg did "absolutely";) great! Love him. Favorite player in college football.:) Love Ingram too. I agree with Saban 100 percent! Dooley....weeeelll I disagree with him BIG time.;)

Mixed feelings about Tebow leaving. I'm horrible! I KNOW!:)

Gotta forgive me people, I'm waaay too excited right now.=)

@EchoOfMercy: Any Tennessee football player who would sign "Roll Tide" on my hat, I agree with you, is AWESOME. Love him & Luke Stalker to death.:)

Love, Melinda!